The best alternative email marketing platforms

Marketing is a set of tools and techniques that aim to increase the sales of a product, get to know consumers, and build a reputation. In the virtual world, there are hundreds of techniques to improve digital marketing or product promotion, but the one most used due to the closeness it generates with the target audience is email marketing (Mailing).

Do not worry if you do not know about email marketing or the platforms that offer email marketing management services because we will give you enough information to improve your marketing campaign:

H2: What is Mailing?

The Mailing technique consists of massively sending emails to users who have agreed to receive emails on a digital platform or customers interested in a specific product type. In addition, it has the objective of generating conversions, sales, engagement, and keeping potential customers informed about new promotions, new products and offers.

Any new business can apply this strategy, but it will always be advisable to segment the public and send personalized information to improve its effects.

H2: The best platforms for email marketing

When an organization has enough email addresses and wants to automate this process of sending personalized emails, they can usually turn to platforms that offer the massive mailing service, including many benefits that you would not have elsewhere. However, it would be best to be careful about the websites you get because they may be a scam or offer poor service.

Because we care about the well-being of honest people and organizations who want to make their business prosper with this marketing technique, we are going to list the top 3 email marketing platforms that you can use:

2. MailerLite: Despite not being so well known, this platform has several templates for emails and is user-friendly. However, their prices or plans can discourage large companies.

3. Aweber: The platform gives you the tools to prevent your emails from becoming spam. In addition, you can manage different email marketing campaigns with options such as Split Testing.

What is Postr and why use it

The platforms we mentioned before have good tools and prestige, but Postr has the mechanisms to satisfy organizations with a reliable platform. Also, Postr can be used from a browser without installing any third-party programs. Even if you are not sure about the platform, let us tell you that they offer a free plan that can allow you to email up to 1000 subscribers, include a list, complete control of email design, and basic user support.

In other words, Postr offers tests of its operation and invites the user to register, personally test its service at no cost and the opportunity of buying a plan when they feel safe. Additionally, this platform is committed to its users as follows:

Are you already interested in using the services of this platform? In that case, we need to explain a little the procedure to use it and how it works:

1.You must register on the Postr website and activate the account with the verification link sent to the email.

2. The platform considers that knowing your audience is important; that is why they will generate your kind of audience according to your configuration.

3.After all the initial setups, you can start your email marketing campaign immediately with your specific audience.

4. Finally, it is necessary that you follow up on your campaign to know the impact it has generated, refine your contact list and leave only those interested or who want to receive the emails.

Email Marketing made simple